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Ultra-Lite Extra Heavy Duty Fiber Glass 300lbs Rated

The Little Giant Ultra-Lite ladder is a truly progressive ladder. The ladder is the only ladder on the market that is made from a special resin that is non-conductive and allows the ladder to be lighter and stronger than conventional fiberglass material. The Little Giant Ultra-Lite is a Type 1A ladder that is rated at 300lbs. The Ultra-lite comes in 17 foot and 22 foot models. This ladder will cover any job from changing a light bulb to heavy-duty commercial use. The Little Giant Ultra-Lite ladder has a one year warranty on workmanship and materials. Patents pending
The saving of purchasing a Little Giant Ultra-Lite ladder over the conventional fiberglass stepladders and extension ladders are amazing. you will save money, weight, and time. You will be able to do a job easier, safer and faster by using a Little Giant Ultra-Lite ladder.

The all new solid hinge design on the Little Giant Ultra-Lite ladder is revolutionary. The design has evolved from five generations of Little Giant hinges. The continuation of material makes it the most solid and strongest hinge to date. This new design makes it the strongest and most technically advanced hinge on any ladder on the market today. Patents pending.




Part # Model Extension Height Stepladder Height Weight

Online Pricing

  Model 17 9' - 15' 4' - 7' 39 lbs.


  Model 22 11' - 19' 5' - 9' 47 lbs.



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